Well, most of my patients think it is magical and amazing. I agree it is amazing! In chiropractic medicine, we refer to the Innate as the part of our body that is the higher consciousness, the part of us that inherently knows how to heal, how to achieve homeostasis or balance our unbalanced parts. We don’t give much time and energy to all the many systems in the body, not to mention, how these systems communicate or don’t communicate with one another.

I see the body like a family, sometimes everyone gets along and sometimes one is screaming so loud it causes the others to take shelter in another room to avoid the drama that is oozing from their mouth. Sometimes the organs are also screaming, or they are quiet and not quite doing what is required of them. Some other organ must step up to the plate and take over. If the drama subsides and everyone goes back to doing their rightful job, great! Otherwise, the powerlifter sibling, continues to carry the load until the rest of the “family” becomes more and more out of balance. Once the body part that has been loud is no longer listened to, (could be by taking medications to quiet it down, disconnection from the body with the attitude of “my back always hurts, so i’ve just learned to ignore it”), it may begin to decrease optimal functioning. This can lead to increased pain, habitual holding patterns in the body and could lead to chronic disease patterns in the body over time.

So how does Body Talk help? It is a way for your body to have a voice! Not your conscious voice, but a voice from your subconscious, the part of you that knows what your body needs to heal, to repair, to regain balance.

How does this happen? The Body Talk system is designed to use muscle testing to get yes/no answers from questions that the Body Talk practitioner silently asks your body. You lay on your back if this is comfortable and relax as silent questions are asked, then as information arises, we discuss what is coming to the surface. Most of the sessions in my office are about 30-45 minutes long.

Why don’t you just ask me? Well, if I were to ask you if your heart and your liver were communication, you would say, “how should I know”? As you read this, you are breathing, your heart is beating, your kidneys are filtering, and many other processes are working to keep you alive. Fortunately, we are blessed to not have to monitor and be in conscious control over most of our body’s natural processes. The higher consciousness part of you that is in control of these is essentially the part we speak to when are asking questions.

Some things are imbalanced because of inadequate nerve information, or blood supply, maybe from something as mild as stepping off the curb that you didn’t notice, or that flu bug you had last Winter that left you dehydrated. Some are more emotional and mental in nature such as past memories or stressors in your everyday life… like a job you don’t like or a home project that is taking too long and making you “want to go live in an apartment for awhile”.

The approach is a priority based system. Most of my patients come in now and just want to work on whatever the body needs today. This is because there is a design to healing. If you have headaches, your body may need to increase blood flow to certain muscles in the neck to aid in the balancing of these headaches. That may need to happen first in order to begin the healing journey. I always ask your body and that is where we begin!